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Lyon city view


Established by the Romans with many saved chronicled territories, Lyon is a model heritage city as perceived by UNESCO.  Lyon is a lively city made up of remarkable engineering, social and gastronomy tradition, its dynamic socioeconomics and its key area among northern and southern Europe. It is getting more open to the world with an expanding number of understudies and global occasions.

Today it is a crucial mechanical and business center with incredible rail and street connections and one of France's busiest ordinary airports.


Vieux Lyon

You can go to one of the biggest renaissance old quarters in Europe.

In the fifteenth to seventeenth century, Lyon's silk industry was flourishing and rich shipper families from across France, Flanders, Germany, and Italy settled in the city. They built lavish homes in the gothic, Italian renaissance and French renaissance styles and there are 300 of these staying in the locale of Saint-Jean, Saint-Georges and Saint-Paules.


Fourvière Basilica

This wonderful church, easily noticed on the Fourvière slope towards the west of the city. It is one of an advanced famous church constructed in French urban areas in the late-nineteenth century. The basilica is a beautiful piece of architecture in the city.


Lyonnaise Cuisine

Lyon has a larger number of eateries per capita than any other city in the nation and for a long period, it has been praised for the high-caliber of its items and the glory of its cooking. You can dive into conventional Lyonnaise food at "bouchons", ordinary eateries. There's marinated southern style tripe, for the most part presented with a garlic and herb sauce. Andouillette, a hotdog produced using tripe, or gras double, tripe cooked with onions.


Lyonnaise Cuisine


How to reach Lyon

Lyon is 150 km away from Geneva airport and it takes 1 hour 30 mins to reach Lyon from Geneva by car. You can choose a sedan or minivan to Lyon depending on the number of passengers. Our large vehicle fleet features luxury sedans, minivans, sprinters and minibuses. They are serviced regularly by professional technicians and maintained in order to meet expectations of standard to VIP category customers. You can book your trip using our easy online booking system. You’ll receive confirmation of your booking immediately and relax while we will take care of your transfer.

Luxurious hotels in Lyon

Geneva ⇒ Lyon : 153km / 01h'.37min

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