Luxury car rental

Renting a car for self-drive in Geneva

Are you looking for a car to rent for yourself or for one of your clients in Switzerland?
At GMC Limousines, we don’t only provide chauffeured limousine services – we also have a diverse selection of exotic vehicles that you can drive yourself. For all further information, please see below or contact us directly either by mail or over the phone.

Our Vehicles

Whether you want a Ferrari to wind through the Swiss roads, a Bentley to travel to your winter chalet or a luxury 4x4 Mercedes for snowy & off-road conditions, GMC Limousines can prepare an exotic vehicle for you based on your preferences. You can also choose a limousine-type vehicle for self-drive, such as the luxury Mercedes V-Class minivan or the opulent S-Class Mercedes sedan. For a complete list of all the available vehicles, feel free to ask us.


All of our vehicles are regularly maintained and benefit from four-wheel drive to ensure maximum security for our passengers. Winter tires are fitted when necessary to avoid any issues as well. Our Mercedes cars are equipped with the latest technology features, blended with beautiful interiors that ensure comfort and safety to passengers.


All of our available vehicles are late models and come equipped with Evian water bottles & Oshibori refreshing hand wipes. We can also organise special items to be placed in your vehicle upon your request.


Delivery & Collection

The vehicle you choose to rent can be picked up or dropped off at our garage any weekday between 7 am and 10 pm. A weekend pickup/drop off can also be organised in advance if this is more convenient.

It is also possible for us to deliver & collect any vehicle to a location that suits you. If you are arriving at Geneva Airport, one of our chauffeurs can deliver the vehicle just outside the meeting point and collect it back before your departure. Pricing will depend on various factors such as distance, timing & more. For more information on the exact delivery cost, please let us know.


Vehicle conveyor

We also provide a vehicle delivery service. If you want your personal vehicle to be delivered to a location of your choice, GMC Limousines can organise this for you. For example, we can pick up your Ferrari in Zurich and have one of our chauffeurs deliver it to you to Monaco if you are time-constrained or simply do not wish to drive that far. Choose a delivery date & time as per your preferences.


Why us?

Many limousine providers have a rigid and unadaptable policy concerning car rentals (unwilling to rent a vehicle for a single day, strict pick-up and drop-off times, no vehicle delivery, and more).

At GMC Limousines, we try to do our best to ensure that renting a luxury vehicle is a hassle-free experience. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, there are only a few details we require for your car rental as a guarantee: a valid ID, a credit card and your driver’s license (& the one of anyone else driving the vehicle). A simple one-page contract is provided for you that has all the information for your car rental, and that is all!


Support & advice

Coming to Switzerland but not sure about which type of vehicle to rent out? Contact us directly & we will be happy to assist you. Our bilingual (English & French) dispatch & support team can advise you on the most ideal vehicle given your preferences, itinerary, number of passengers, and more. We are available 24/7 to answer any queries you might have.


Standard Sedan
Mercedes E-ClassMercedes E-Class
Luxury Sedan
Mercedes S-350 ClassMercedes S-350 Class
VIP Sedan
Mercedes S-500 ClassMercedes S-500 Class
VVIP Sedan
Mercedes MaybachMercedes Maybach

Minivans & Coaches

Luxury Minivan
Mercedes V-Class XXLMercedes V-Class XXL
Luxury Minibus
Luxury Mercedes SprinterLuxury Mercedes Sprinter
VIP Minibus
Mercedes Sprinter VIPMercedes Sprinter VIP
VIP Coach Setra 511 HDVIP Coach Setra 511 HD

Special Vehicles

Armored Audi A8LArmored Audi A8L
VVIP Minibus
Mercedes Jet SprinterMercedes Jet Sprinter


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